From: Cpt. Harold Suarez, HCIU Command
To: All patrol, All investigations – High Priority
Re: Official line on Vigilantes

After the Montoya incident, there seems to have been a lot of talk about this being the start of “Superhero Activity”, thanks in no small part to this Operation Malarkey business. The public, the media, and even a few in the department are completely caught up in the idea that we are going to start seeing costumed heroes and villains brawling it out in the streets any day now.

Let’s just nip this in the bud, shall we?

I should think I do not need to remind anyone under my command that we are police officers. We enforce law and order, and anyone breaking the law or the peace is in our jurisdiction, understood? Vigilantism is still a crime and a threat to public order and safety, and we will persecute Vigilantes equally, regardless of if they are wearing a cape or not.

The official line is that MPD is more than capable of handling crime, heightened or otherwise, and I expect each of you in the HCIU to remember who the real ‘superheroes’ are. I don’t care how good their intentions, costumed vigilantes are to be actively discouraged – or, if necessary, charged and prosecuted. We can’t have civilians taking the law into their own hands, heightened or no.

If someone is breaking the law, I expect it dealt with, and doubly so if they are heightened. I expect professionalism and discretion from each of you in the coming days, to demonstrate that HCIU is more than up to the task, and remind Miami that it doesn’t need a repeat of the “Blue Team” debacle.

- Captain Suarez, HCIU


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