Jack Mercer

By-the-book giant detective


Standing at 6’6" with an imposingly broad frame, former Sgt. Mercer stands out in a crowd on virtue of size alone. He prefers being in uniform and always seems just a bit out of sorts in anything else, especially (god forbid) casual wear.

Somewhat homely in appearance, Mercer keeps his hair regulation short and is always clean shaven. Following his promotion, streaks of grey are already starting to work their way into his hairline.


A career policeman from a family of police officers stretching back to his twice-great grandfather, Jack Mercer lacks the talent for interdepartmental politic that others who advance in the force have almost by default. His superior officers have noted that he’s a “damn fine patrolman”, but a strict adherence to the rules and a general lack of imagination or (far more damning) ambition have seen Mercer in limbo at the rank of Sergeant II for six years.

Unmarried following a sharp break with his fiancee two years ago (coinciding with Mercer’s ‘heightening’), Jack has thrown himself even further into his job. The sideways promotion into HCIU and the variation of opportunities it has brought have been a godsend to the dead-ended Mercer (though he would never admit it, and remains entirely uncomfortable with the idea of rank.) Not one to shy away from a challenge, though, Mercer now pursues his new duties with the same deliberate pragmatism that served him well as a patrol officer.

Capable of growing to a height of 25 feet and a mass of 1.8 tons – and subconsciously able to ‘shift’ a very small amount of organic matter along with himself – Mercer is always quick to put himself in harm’s way and remove civilians from any area of impending crisis. His tremendous strength at full size makes Mercer an extremely dangerous melee combatant – if one lacking much in the way of subtlety.

Mercer has studied both Aikido and Judo, but his most favored forms of unarmed combat come back to his college days as a would-be pro wrestler. For a time, Jack was known as “The Masked Colossus” and accrued something of a following before quitting the circuit to finish college (and, unofficially, cave to familiar pressure to become a policeman like his forefathers.)

Something of a private man, Mercer has very little in the way of a social life, presently living alone in a low-grade apartment in which he spends less time than the station. Most comfortable on the job (or, even better, behind the wheel of a police interceptor), Mercer never knows quite how to handle himself in more relaxed settings.

He has repeatedly shown a soft spot for, in his own words, “kids” – an age group ranging from literal children to early twentysomethings – and displays remarkable protectiveness and leniency with them. The only time Mercer’s temper has been known to spike is when a “kid” is threatened or harmed, and then woe betide the perpetrator should they find themselves within his grasp.

Following the restructuring of HCIU, Mercer was promoted to Lead Detective along with his former watch-mates Detectives Alvarez and Lawrence. Along with the watch commanders and unit commander, he now helps to delegate investigations among HCIU officers.

This promotion has seen Mercer distanced yet again from street work, something that visibly doesn’t sit too well with him. He continues his hard-line by-the-book approach, and doesn’t give the detectives under him an inch if he suspects they are bending the rules or abusing their power as officers of the law.

Jack Mercer

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