Welcome to HCIU

Hello, Officers of the Miami-Dade Metro Police Department’s Heightened Crimes Investigation Unit (HCIU). Let me be the first to welcome you to your new assignment in our fine organization, and say thank you for your hard work and dedication to justice that earned you this position.

Five years ago, the Ghost Flu epidemic changed everything we know to be true about human physiology. Scientists are still working out the details of what that means for the human race, but for police, it meant a new threat – as well as a new way of dealing with that threat. Heightened individuals exist on both sides of the law enforcement spectrum, and since it is our job to change and adapt with the times, that means new tactics, and a new way of investigating.

The HCIU is the MDPD’s way of adapting. The HCIU Initiative, a Bureau of Extrahuman Affairs program, is designed to help police departments around the country not only work to combat this new threat, but to protect those heightened individuals who find themselves falsely persecuted. It is more than the ‘Superhero Squad’ being touted by the American media. HCIU is equal parts criminal investigation, community activism, and public relations, and it is for these reasons you have been selected for assignment to the unit.

Command officers at the MDPD have worked in concert with the BEA to design this program and populate it with officers of the utmost highest pedigree. Despite what you may have heard on the news and around the water cooler, the police records of every individual assigned to the HCIU were our first consideration. Only after a thorough review of an individuals career record and background did we take into consideration the literally extraordinary powers these officers possess. Your appointment in the HCIU is an honor, and let nobody tell you otherwise. We have no intentions of ‘sweeping you under the rug’, as it has been phrased to me. You will be on the forefront of both police and extrahuman community relations for our police department.

Allow me, on the behalf of the entire city of Miami, to extend my thanks to you. This new assignment will be challenging, but I am confident you will find it as rewarding, if not moreso, than your previous assignments within our organization. I ask that if you have any questions or concerns, you address them with me or your commanders. We cannot be strong if we are not willing to adapt to the changing times, and we are relying on your dedication and hard work to give us that strength.

Once again, officers, thank you.

Hector Pacheco
Chief of Miami-Dade Metro Police Department

Welcome to HCIU

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