Quade Institute

Director: Doctor Lucius Quade, Ph.D

The Quade Institute has established itself as the world’s foremost anamorphological research center. Attracting scientists from all over the world, its staff is a picture of internationalism.

Of particular interest to HCIU detectives is its Department of Forensic Anamorphology, whose
cutting-edge labs and pioneering techniques may provide more advanced evidence analysis than that offered by the police labs. To working detectives, their labs offer temptation and disappointment in equal measure: investigators know that prosecutors hate new science, which is very difficult to introduce into evidence. As expert witnesses, Quade Institute scientists are considered a mixed blessing: although juries love their credentials, few of them are good at communicating scientific information to a lay audience.

The Institute also houses a department of social science, the Quade Center For Public Policy. Though unaffiliated with any political organization, it serves as a specialized think tank advancing the general cause of mutant rights.

Quade Institute

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