Miami, the Mutant City

Nobody is sure why Miami seems to be the American center of post-Flu politics, nor why Miami has more heightened individuals per capita than any other city of comparable size in the world. The problem isn’t that there isn’t enough evidence to suggest why, but more that the evidence suggests a number of reasons, from Miami’s status as one of the nation’s biggest shipping ports to it’s proximity to the Bermuda Triangle in relation with other large cities. In any case, Miami, due to this uniquely high population of extrahumans, has earned itself an unofficial nickname: Mutant City. Some speak the name with derision, others mention it with pride, but everyone knows that the words “Mutant City” mean Miami, Florida.

Neighborhoods of Miami

Miami Beach is also under MDPD’s investigative jurisdiction, due to a budget crisis in 2014. The investigative branches of the Miami-Dade Metro Police and Miami Beach Police were merged after fiscal year 2014. Patrol and other police functions in Miami Beach are still handled by Miami Beach Police, for the time being.

GMs Note: Currently, I think it would be counter-productive to go through and make a separate entry for each neighborhood, so this page links to the Wikipedia pages for each neighborhood. If a neighborhood needs a little more attention on the wiki, I’ll create an article for it. Right now, Little Havana, Little Haiti and the Downtown area are my priorities for standalone articles, since they have plot-related places and activities within them. If you happen to be reading about one of these neighborhoods, and decide on some cool thing to do with it, let’s discuss it and see about throwing an article up. This is your world too.

Miami, the Mutant City

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