Immersive Improvement

While character improvement via achievement is very much a part of this game, I thought that it would be interesting to take advantage of our format in order to maybe “gamify” another aspect of Code 99. I call this concept Immersive Improvement, and it’s really very easy.

I see roleplaying not only as just a fun way to play games, but also a valuable creative exercise. I’m a writer by nature, and generally enjoy flexing my creative muscles, so I’d like to invite you to flex yours too. And what’s more, I’d like to reward you for entering my world, making parts of it your own, and adding to what I’ve already created (and what I’ve stolen whole-cloth from Mutant City Blues).

So here’s the deal. Outside the terms of the game, I will offer incentives for creative work in the form of Willpower points, which can be used to improve your character. This can be a variety of things, as you can see below, as long as it fits into the theme of the universe.

I’ll include a short list of suggestions after the rewards chart, in order to give you guys some starting places as well. If you don’t see something on the list below, but you think it’d contribute to our creative atmosphere as a whole, then just drop your friendly GM a line and we’ll work something out.

  • General Wiki Entry (character page [including yours], world info entries, locations, etc. General ‘flavor’ that improves the immersiveness of the universe) – 1 pt. per 500 edited words
  • Plot-related Wiki Entry (after-action reports, case summaries, news articles, interview transcripts, etc. Specific to the plot the PC’s are involved in) – 2 pts per 500 edited words.
  • In-Universe Fiction (self-edited) – 4 pts per 750 words
  • General artwork (drawings, sketches, paintings, photoshops, etc) – 3 pts per image
  • Artwork for another player or something another player suggested – 5 pts per image
  • Audio content (911 recordings, voicemails, radio news reports, etc) – 5 pts per min
  • Video content (in-world commericals, news reports, dramatizations) – 7 pts per min
  • Points for other endeavors will gladly be rewarded at GM’s discretion.


  • A celebrity in the world of Code 99.
  • A short column discussing the plight of the mutant in modern society.
  • A picture of a villain in a sweet battle pose.
  • A non-plot-related NPC around the station, or in the city.
  • A terse police report detailing the discharge of an officers firearm.
  • A new banner for the FB page.
  • A photo of a normal street in Miami, 2019, post Ghost Flu.

Immersive Improvement

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