HCIU Rogues Gallery

Gangs, Organized Crime Syndicates, and Hate Groups

This list is by no means comprehensive in any way. These are merely those criminal or suspected criminal organizations that might fall under the HCIU purview.

La Oficina de Envigado (The Office of Envigado) – A Colombian drug cartel with known illegal operations in Miami. Formed from the enforcement wing of the Medellin Cartel after the death and extradition of many founding members.

Krasnaya Mafiya (The Red Mafia) – Eastern European crime syndicate with ties to money laundering, human trafficking, and the import of illegal ‘party drugs’.
Related Organizations: The Red Hand

Trafficante Family – Branch of the Italian-American Mafia with roots in the Five Families of New York. Have their hands in all manner of criminal activity, but have recently stepped up their efforts in racketeering via the freight unions.
Related Organizations: The Vetroni Family

The Latin Syndicate – A highly organized street gang made up of Latin Americans of various ethnic backgrounds. Though they are mostly involved with street crimes such as robberies, thefts, and murder, evidence has arisen that they are vying for the drug trafficking market.

The Young Latin Organization aka YLO – A recent offshoot of the Latin Syndicate, headed by spurned or disillusioned Syndicate members. A younger gang, primarily, with a history of breaking and entering, primarily involving business. Recent reports show they may be involved in protection rackets as well.

Zoe Pound – Zoe Pound, even after having been the subject of massive organized crime crackdowns by our gang unit in 2009, is currently seeing a resurgence after the Ghost Flu. Although little of our intelligence has been corroborated, the new leader, a mysterious individual who goes by “Papa Ghede”, has apparently instituted strict adherence to Haitian Voodou by its members. Our intelligence also states that to call them “heightened-friendly” is an understatement, and that members of the group who display superhuman ability are often deified.

The Human Alliance – Organized primarily online, though more frequently in physical meetings, the Human Alliance is a group of individuals who believe in the inferiority of mutated individuals. They are akin to the Aryan Nation and primarily comprised of white males, although they set no racial boundaries for entry, only the stipulation that a members genes be “pure.” They are a recognized hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and several anti-mutant attacks have been traced back to members. They are commonly known as “bar-heads” due to their tendency to tattoo a red circle with a bar through it on the backs of their skulls.

The Racks – The Racks started out as a peaceful mutant equality organization; the name conflates the phrase “righteous activists". More recently they’re a loosely affiliated network of anti-bigotry youth activists who welcome heightened members and enjoy busting heads in furtherance of a righteous cause. The Racks combine a flair for inclusive rhetoric with an aggressive taste for violence. In several incidents, mutant members have badly harmed NPLers and bystanders, increasing anti-heightened tensions throughout the city.

Individual Offenders (Non-Registered)

Amadeus Cheng – Heightened racketeer with a number of organized crime contacts but no official position confirmed in any family or organization. Suspected use of some manner of predictive or precognitive heightened power has prevented him from being arrested, but not from consistently showing up linked to investigations.

Individuals Registered under Article 18: Interim Registration Initiative

Please remit a request to your watch commander in order to access data concerning Article 18 registrants. Be prepared to submit evidence and probable cause for your inquiry. In the cases of some intelligence, a warrant signed by a judge at no lower than the county level must be submitted for perusal of any given Article 18 record.

Repeat Offenders: HCIU

No Data Currently Available

HCIU Rogues Gallery

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