HCIU Command and Support Personnel

Miami-Dade Metro Police Department Command Staff

Chief of Police
Hector “Skip” Pacheco

Deputy Chief of Investigations
Laurence Kirkland

Deputy Chief of Patrol
Maxwell DuBois

Patrol Command, Central District

Commander, Central District Patrol
Captain Mitchell Hamilton

Desk Sergeant (AM)
Sergeant Mike Nadler

Desk Sergeant (PM)
Sergeant Dolores Washington


The best and the brightest are recruited to HCIU. This goes both for the investigative staff and their commanders. Command staff are chosen for both their prowess in leading an investigative team, as well as their ability to hopefully help bridge the gap between Heightened civilians and officers, and the gene-normative community.

Commander, Heightened Crime Investigation Unit
Captain Harold Suarez

Watch Commander, Echo Watch
Lieutenant Boudreaux

Watch Commander, Gamma Watch

Watch Commander, Sierra Watch

Watch Commander, Lima Watch

Forensic Anamorphology Department

Although the field of anamorphics, the study of Heightened individuals and the cause of their abilities, is still in its infancy, there are major leaps and bounds being made every day. Our Forensic Anamorphology Department is well-trained and constantly honing their technique in accordance with the latest information available. HCIU officer will be working closely in tandem with this department to not only solve crimes, but provide information that may be valuable to other investigators around the world.

Head Forensic Anamorphologist
Doctor Frederick Gilmore, PhD

Forensic Anamorphology Department
-Jennifer Sandless
-Prim Everseen
-Mark Powell
-Special Consultant Professor Charles Baker

Criminal Forensics Staff

In addition to the resources of the Forensic Anamorphology Department, the entirety of the Criminal Forensics department is at your disposal. This department handles the more mundane evidence processing, analysis, and lab-work. They have served the rest of the MDPD for a number of years, and are happy to help the department’s new addition. You will have designated liaisons in each area for the time being who will help coordinate lab efforts to build your cases.

Head of Criminal Forensics and Chief Senior Forensics Officer
Captain Franklin White

Forensic Medical Examiner
Doctor Mads Jensen, M.D.

Criminal Forensics Department HCIU Liaisons

  • Ballistics
    -GySgt Leonard P. Northrup, USMC (Ret.)
  • Fingerprint and Evidence Analysis
    -Edward Riley
  • Technical Forensics and Data Analysis
    -Mariya Zolotukhin
  • Document Analysis
    -Chieko Renan
  • Image and Video Analysis
    -Lucy Bellaver
  • Forensic Reconstructive Artist
    -Adolfo Machin
  • Architectural Analysis
    -Henry Glass

HCIU Command and Support Personnel

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