Corporations, Political Movements, and Other Organizations

Obviously, a comprehensive list of all mutant-related organizations is probably unattainable, as new ones pop up every day, each with their own purpose and tactics. But here are a few of the well-known players in the Mutant City.

Companies, Corporations, and Businesses

  • Quade Institute – The father of anamorphology, Lucius Quade, started this company to help further research into the heightened condition.
  • Birch Investment Managing (BIM) – Galen Birch, a noted mutant billionaire, has the headquarters of his multi-national corporation here in Miami.
  • Betula Security Consultants – Specializing in the deployment of extrahuman security teams, this former BIM company is making waves in private security.
  • CapeCon Enterprises – What started as a small convention that brought together the worlds of comics and cosper fandom has turned into a growing company with hundreds of such events per year.

Political Factions

  • Heightened Information Alliance (HIA) – The HIA is a non-profit mutant rights organization with a focus on non-confrontational, non-partisan campaigns for education and empowerment.
  • Genetic Action Front (GAF) – The GAF is a more politically aggressive offshot of the HIA, and typically can be found leafletting or protesting in centers where they perceive low standards for heightened rights.
  • The Neutral Parity League (NPL) – An organization that supposedly exists to protect the rights of the non-expressive, though many view their actions and their recruitment material as borderline hate speech.
  • The Continental Nation of Mutants (CNM) – Sometimes called “mutant separatists”, the CNM wishes to create an all-mutant state or sub-state.

Religious Organizations

  • The Eighth Day Church (8DC) – A non-denominational religious entity that believes that the Ghost Flu was God’s way of “updating” humanity for an upcoming cataclysm.
  • Temple of Heliopolis – Much like the CNM, Heliopolans believe an all-mutant political state is necessary, though their belief is that it should exist in Somalia.

Corporations, Political Movements, and Other Organizations

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