Betula Security Consultants

Special HCIU Liason: Reg Taylor

Betula advertises itself as the ideal security firm for apost-mutant world. Run and staffed almost exclusively by mutants, it offers a lucrative profession to individuals lucky enough to have expressed combat-ready powers. Betula puts applicants through extensive physical training, rejecting otherwise unimpressive specimens who just happen to be able to shoot fire or shrug off
bullets. They provide bodyguard, site security and rapid response services to the city government, as well as its top corporations and richest private individuals. Their sleek, streamlined vans and discreetly paramilitary uniforms are such a common sight around the city that they’ve become almost invisible.

The firm features prominently in the fantasies of conspiracy theorists and crazy people. After a few well publicized stumbles in the Galen Birch era, it has posted a surprisingly good incident record under the new owners who bought out the bulk of his shares. Wannabe cops and soldiers are thoroughly screened out during a lengthy probation period. Without powers of arrest or detention, its personnel can’t rely on the intimidating power of the law to secure cooperation. Betula trains its people to ramp down confrontations with calming words and body language. Its personnel respond in a purely defensive capacity. If a person or site they’re guarding comes under attack, they fight back. They do not pursue attackers or intruders when they flee or disengage, nor do they conduct investigations of suspects. Betula keeps a tiny staff of investigators on hand, but only for self-policing purposes, or to perform security evaluations of
sites or individuals they’re guarding.

Betula’s livelihood depends on excellent cooperation with the police. Its personnel are required to be fully forthcoming in response to any police inquiry. Former cops are found throughout its staffand management. The biggest problem PCs will find in dealing with them is their habit of crowing about how much better they have it than the poor overworked, underpaid saps still working for the force.

Betula Security Consultants

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