A Word on Political Correctness

From: Deputy Chief of Investigations Laurence Kirkland
To: All patrol, All investigations
Re: A Word on Political Correctness

After the very public complaint against one of our patrol officers this past month, I’d like to address some of the speech in use around the department, and indeed around the country.

Extrahuman individuals have not chosen their genetic change. Personally, I feel this puts them in the same boat as other persecuted individuals in our country (people of various ethnicities, colors, disabilities, etc.) Obviously, as we saw this past month, a number of you disagree.

Allow me to make it perfectly clear: Under no circumstances are you to use language implying a prejudice against heightened individuals. This includes the words ‘chromo’, ‘lixer’, ‘mutie’, ‘spazmo’, ‘weirdo’, ‘freak’, or any variant thereof. Due to the amazing adaptability of human communication, I can’t possibly list every variant of a slur I have seen listed in complaints. I ask you to use your best judgement.

On the same note, I will not tolerate a prejudice against gene-normative individuals within my department, from either expressive or non-expressive officers or staff. You will not use the words ‘norm’, ‘newt’, ‘reggie’ or any other discriminatory word or phrase that implies a prejudice of either the MDPD or the officer.

The words/phrases ‘heightened’, ‘extrahuman’, and ‘gene-expressive/neutral’ are preferred in all circumstances. The word ‘mutant’ – though scientifically accurate – is discouraged, but admittedly does not carry the same denigrative aspects as other words listed in this memo.

Take a lesson from the incident this past month: police departments around the world are being scrutinized over for prejudice against the gene-expressive community. That our department was the first to have such a publicized incident disappoints me, and I will not be treading lightly on this issue. Prejudice against extrahuman individuals will not not be tolerated.


Deputy Chief of Investigations Laurence Kirkland

A Word on Political Correctness

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