Code 99: Miami

State of the Wiki (5-7-13)
Welcome to Miami!

I’ve spent the last three weeks or so giving the wiki a good solid fleshing out. I’m really satisfied with where it is going, and I wanted to just leave something here in case you guys were checking it out.

I’ve noticed in other games I’ve played with you guys that we seem to be a group that responds well when they’re given a bit of ownership of a world. I’ve written it elsewhere in the wiki, but I’ll write it here too: I want this to be a world you want to play in, so don’t forget that this is just as much your world as it is mine. From the moment you fill out a character sheet and put dice on the table, I’ve lost all the control I’ve had up to this point. Hell, if you decided you wanted to add something to the world before the game even started, I’d be okay with that.

So, if you feel the campaign needs a character/political event/frozen banana vendor/marine biologist/whatever, add it in. If I think it’s not conducive to the setting, I may change it, but I won’t do it without working with you first. I will almost never outright veto anything, unless I think it would lead to a bad time for someone at the table (including me).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you think anything is missing from the wiki, go ahead and add it. If you’re too lazy to add it, then tell me and I’ll add it. This goes for characters, by the way. I’d like to see a game we run where every character has a wiki entry. If you don’t feel like making one, let’s shoot a few emails back and forth and I’ll throw one up for you.

Anyways, you guys know how to reach me, so if you need anything, just give a little whistle.


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