Professor Charles Baker

Ex-Human PHD


Professor Baker, pre-flu, was an Irishman of average height and slightly portly build. Following the expression of the gene, he is for all intents and purposes a healthy and average specimen of the South African chimpanzee, albeit one of substantially above average dental hygene.

Though the expression of his ghost gene did not give Dr. Baker any superhuman powers per se, it should be noted that chimps are many, many times stronger than your average human being and are, in fact, entirely capable of twisting a grown man’s head off under duress. Dr. Baker carefully tries to keep this newfound strength unmentioned and undemonstrated, barring a few (largely acrobatic) party tricks at larger celebrity galas.


Professor Charles Baker is an accomplished researcher in the fields of genetics and evolutionary progression; his insights into anthropology gained him a doctorate from Cambridge at the largely unprecedented age of twenty seven. One of the ‘top minds’ put in charge of the UK’s burgeoning AGEIS project in the wake of the first revealed genetic heightenings in the wake of the ghost flu, Baker’s promising research in unlocking some of the mysteries of anamorphology was put rather suddenly on hold by his own radicall expression of the gene-warping virus.

One of the most unprecedented expressions of a Type-B mutant to date, Baker found himself over the course of days sliding sideways of the evolutionary tree, shifting rapidly (and painfully) through a number of demi-primate forms until the mutation finally settled on the shape of an adult South African Chimpanzee. Baker had to spend months in recovery before he could adapt himself to his new form’s wide range of altered sensory inputs, and many more after that before he could regain the use of writing and speech. By the time he had returned from his two-year hiatus, the world was a much stranger and far more hostile to mutants place than it had been. Finding a great deal of skepticism and derision from his peers and audience purely because of his unplanned change of species, Baker left the AGEIS project and the UK as a whole, eventually taking up a job offer from long-time acquaintance and sometime rival Lucius Quade.

Though he has proven himself something of a ham for publicity and a popular face of ‘the new humanity’, Baker’s first three months at the Quade institute have demonstrated quite well that the mind of a brilliant geneticist still burns brightly in the loping form of Dr. Baker.

Dr. Baker, appearing with celebrity date Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, at the first annual Extrahuman Arts Exhibition in New York

Professor Charles Baker

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