Michelle Montoya



Name: Michelle Montoya
Aliases: Shieldwall
Age: 16
Height: 5’0"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Brown/Black (Red Highlights at time of Arrest)
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: USA
A18 Classification: Type – A
Heightened Powers: Montoya is capable of projecting bright orange ‘bubbles’ of kinetic force. These Bubbles are extremely resilient to physical attack, and Montoya has a remarkable degree of control over them – displaying at the time of her arrest the ability to build a vaguely humanoid ‘exo-shield’ around herself to engage then-detective Mercer in hand to hand combat. However, this Shield is potentially dangerous to Montoya, as it has proven to be entirely airtight, leading to her near-strangulation by her own powers as she resisted her arrest.


Michelle Montoya grew up in a high-crime, low-income area of Miami. Her mother is Angelique Montoya, a three-time Heroin offender. Her father is unknown. How and when she first discovered she was Heightened is unknown. However, she has confessed to using her powers for hire whenever local gangs required a little extra superhuman muscle (this may be a deciding factor in several ongoing and as-yet unsolved GOC cases in the area for the last year or so.)

Montoya has testified that one week before the Malarkey incident, she was contacted through ‘the usual channels’ by Samuel Foreman, alias Forget-Me-Not, who she attests she had never met before, and offered a substantial sum of money to run security for a high-profile job. This ‘Job’ led to Montoya’s arrest, and she has since been confined under standard security watch to the recovery care wing of St. Jude Memorial Hospital. Her recovery from her rather severe injuries is going well, and she is expected to be discharged within the next few months.

Initially hostile to police and representatives of the prosecutor’s office, Montoya’s demeanor has softened substantially. She is to be handled with respect and caution, especially as her near-death during her struggle with Sgt. Mercer has made her something of a political hot potato, even months after the incident.

Michelle Montoya

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