Aryan Supremacist, Type-C Mutant


Excerpted from the Arrest Warrant of Harold Lewis

Later photography and analysis of Operation Malarkey’s announcement videos points to the Suspect in question being Harold Lewis, Twice-Convicted felon on charges of Assault and Battery with intent to Kill. Suspected links to the Aryan Brotherhood.

Lewis is a Type-C mutant, showing ever-increasing bovinoid mutations, the most notable of which is the pair of bull horns protruding from his skull. This has earned him the nickname ‘Manotaur’, which is apparently his present criminal alias.

Lewis has demonstrated (repeatedly) remarkable physical strength and resistance to conventional weapons, including firearms and tear gas. Officers are therefore advised NOT to engage or attempt to apprehend Lewis without backup, specifically from Beta (or Higher) tier officers from HCIU, or a HSAR team.


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