Lucius Quade

The scientist at the forefront of research involving the Ghost Flu mutations


Celebrity scientist Lucius Quade is a striking, middle-aged, thrice-divorced African-American. Quade dove into post-flu mutation research earlier than other geneticists, and has dominated the field ever since. He’s a constant presence not only in Miami, but on the national scene, as a regular fixture on cable news and televised political round tables. Though avowedly apolitical, his pleas for tolerance on behalf of the heightened have made him a bogeyman of reactionary pundits.

In his public persona, Quade is an animated raconteur, who wraps thorny concepts of science and social policy in down-to-earth language and a twinkling sense of humor. In private, he can seem distracted and abrupt. He’s always in motion, usually racing to some meeting he’s already late for while he checks his messages and fields entreaties from a train of anxious assistants. Though often seen at cultural and fundraising events with his dazzling and much younger wife, Lily, rumor has it that Quade remains a persistent womanizer. His celebrity and charisma give him ample opportunity to stray. Police officers detailed to his bodyguard report having to constantly peel attractive women off him.

Quade’s goals are to advance the field of anamorphology and to expand his empire at the Quade Institute. He fights for mutant rights but views the more militant activists for the cause as naïve hotheads whose attention-seeking efforts do more harm than good.

Although persistent rumors claim that Quade himself has been gifted with mutant powers, perhaps some manner of hyper-intelligence, his consistent reply to all such inquiries is, “If only I were so lucky.”

Lucius Quade

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