Lieutenant Willy "Nutcracker" Boudreaux

A heightened HCIU watch commander with an exemplary clearance record.


Boudreaux is well-known around the department, bordering on legendary status. A grizzled old Cajun who grew up around the Everglades, his foul mouth and quick wit have made him the stuff of stories around the department. However, his jokes aren’t what afforded him the status he holds today. During his time as a detective in Robbery, Homicide, and Narcotics, Boudreaux had a reputation for leaving few uncleared cases. During his hey-day as an investigator, it was often said that if Boudreaux couldn’t clear a case, there probably wasn’t a crime in the first place.

He earned his nickname, the “Nutcracker”, in Narcotics, where suspects were often quick to choose jail rather than turn over on suppliers and help nab the bigger fish. Friendly conversation, veiled threats, and honest promises to criminals to keep their families safe, all of these combined resulted in a Narcotics clearance record that still hasn’t been beaten. It has also resulted in an attempt on his life by the Office of Envigado, the Columbian drug cartel. This attack left Lieutenant Boudreaux near-crippled in his right leg, unable to walk without the use of a cane.

Though he is crippled, the attack only made his thirst for police work even stronger. As a result, Boudreaux’s command style is very hands-on, reading up on the cases he assigns and giving leads where he finds them. He expects his detectives to aspire to the same high clearance rate he had, and has no time for people who don’t take police work seriously.

It’s not well known, but the Nutcracker fell ill with the Ghost Flu and found himself heightened a few months later. His senses of smell and taste are on par with those of a dog, and his hearing, once fading, can pick up the slightest whisper from across the room. These enhanced senses often cause Boudreaux to complain about fellow officers volume or smell. He is often found sucking on a mentholated cough drop, a trick he picked up in homicide, which masks the odor of other humans.

Nobody really knows why Boudreaux seems to live, eat, and breathe the job, though there are rumors. But those who work under him are glad to have him as their commander.

Following the closure of the Copy-Paste case, the subsequent fallout of having an officer in his command mysteriously spirited away by Internal Affairs apparently convinced Detective Boudreaux to submit his retirement and start collecting his pension. He is sometimes seen acting in an advisory capacity to the MDPD, but rumor has it he is currently writing the series of police novels he’s been talking about for years.

Lieutenant Willy "Nutcracker" Boudreaux

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