Lieutenant Sean Bevan

A rising star in the MDPD, and the youngest and most politically adept HCIU Watch Commander


The youngest watch commander in the squad is Sean Bevan, an adroit political maneuverer tipped for a sterling career in the department’s higher reaches. The oldest son of a widowed supermarket cashier, Bevan worked three jobs to put himself through the police academy. He ingratiated himself to the mayor by working tirelessly for his first election campaign, and won a cushy job as the mayor’s driver soon after joining the force. Bevan parlayed his connections to a series of plum assignments, finally securing his present post at the HCIU.

The most media-conscious of the watch commanders, Bevan sees to it that his boyishly handsome face is splashed across the front pages whenever a high-profile case hits his desk. Observers of department politics can’t quite decide whether he’s angling for a job as police brass, or aiming for electoral office. Although Bevan’s clearance rate is not as high as Boudreaux’s, he’s the one the politicos go to when they need something handled quietly, or with media savvy. Bevan’s network of contacts at all levels of the city’s power structure enables him to pull strings for his detectives. However, he’s strictly a quid pro quo kind of guy. When he does a favor for you, he makes sure you understand that one day he’ll come to collect on it.

Bevan’s interest in mutant affairs is limited to their high media profile. As far as he’s concerned, the HCIU is a stepping stone, not a cause or crusade. On camera, he supports mutant rights precisely to the extent that mainstream public opinion allows.

Bevan is married to his childhood sweetheart, who is currently expecting their first child. Demure and poised, she seems well cast for the role of political wife.

Lieutenant Sean Bevan

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