Lieutenant Hoyt Haigh

A hieghtened, portly HCIU watch commander who wears his disdain for his kind on his sleeve.


From his donut-eating physique and rumpled clothing to his gruff, stolid demeanor, Hoyt Haigh appears every inch the old school cop

He had been a desk sergeant for many years when, while defusing a squad room brawl, he revealed his mutant powers. Haigh had disintegrated the floorboards beneath a mammoth, PCP-addled perp gone berserk, safely lodging him in the resulting hole until his colleagues could get their tasers out. After this incident and the subsequent formation of the HCIU, the chief of investigations elevated Haigh from his happy obscurity to the heartburn-rich environment of the unit.

Haigh seems content with the lowest clearance rate of all the unit watch commanders. Opinion in the unit is divided as to whether he thinks himself untouchable, or is hoping to get busted back down to his comparatively stress-free former position. At any rate, the screw-ups and loose cannons on the squad tend to gravitate toward him. Whenever the PCs have a problem with a fellow unit member, it’s probably with one of Haigh’s detectives. Persistent rumors have it that Haigh ran with dirty cops early in his career, when he served in the vice squad.

If it weren’t for his own genetic status, Haigh would be considered an anti-mutant bigot. He routinely refers to the heightened as lixers, spazmos, and chromes. His contempt for goobs is especially ill-concealed. Then again, his discomfort level with women, blacks, Asians and Hispanics isn’t exactly hidden, either.

Seemingly ashamed of his genetic status, he never uses his power when he doesn’t have to, and has so far kept his other mutant abilities secret.

Haigh is twice-divorced and lives with a long-term partner, Monica Landford, who he continually derides as a nagging pain in the ass.

Lieutenant Hoyt Haigh

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