Hector "Skip" Pacheco

Chief of Miami-Dade Metro Police


“Skip” Pacheco rose to fame in the third year after the Ghost Flu, as the commanding officer at the scene of the Bayfront Park Riot. His calm authority helped to quell the riot and was widely credited with preventing a stampede that could have resulted in hundreds of deaths. Lionized in the media, he rose quickly through the ranks and was easily confirmed as Chief of Police a few months ago.

Pacheco is a volunteer at his church, a staple of charity fundraising throughout the city, a highly respected member of the Cuban community in Miami, and a devoted husband and father of six. All but one of his children are cops or headed for police careers.

During the riot, he saved anti-mutant protesters, but later participated in the investigation that revealed the protest leaders as having hired the heightened killers. This even-handedness led to a reputation as a trustworthy broker between communities when disputes arise.

Cop house rumors have it that Skip owes his Bayfront Park heroism to a secret weapon: one or more officers with mind-influencing powers, who discreetly calmed the crowd by influencing its most volatile members.

Hector "Skip" Pacheco

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