An Article-18 Violator with potent Memetic Powers


Excerpted from the arrest warrant for Samuel T. Foreman

… Confirmed by the BEA to be the wanted criminal operating under the alias ‘Forget-Me-Not’. Suspect is Caucasian, of average height and slightly heavyset build. Brown hair and eyes. While costumed in his ‘Forget-Me-Not’ alias, Foreman wears black clothing, a cape, and a “Guy Fawkes” mask as popularized by the film ‘V for Vendetta’ (and later co-opted by the internet ‘organization’ known as ‘Anonymous.’ Foreman’s association with this group has yet to be satisfactorily determined.)

- NOTE: The above mask seems, at the very least, to have been modified to function as a gas mask. Further, more exotic features may exist but have yet to be determined. The source of this modification is also as yet unknown.

CAUTION TO ALL OFFICERS: Foreman is a Type-A Heightened, capable of erasing the short-term memory of those he comes into direct physical contact with, rendering them largely docile and stuck in an absentminded haze, unable to account for their present surroundings. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you come into direct contact with Forget-Me-Not; tasers and rubber rounds are authorized and recommended for use on this suspect.


Code 99: Miami JakeAndBake GKaiser13