Enrique Alvarez

Former GOCC detective, now a Lead Detective for HCIU


Born into a large Little Havanan Cuban family in the mid-1980s, Alvarez served one tour in Afghanistan and one in Iraq during the 2000s as military police. Returning to Miami following his honorable discharge from the Army, Alvarez joined the Miami police force and married his high school girlfriend – Esmeralda Perez. In the years that followed, he finished his undergraduate degree in political science/criminal justice while working patrol and raising his three children (Adolfo, Isabel, and Pilar.) A few years ago, he made detective in the Gangs and Organized Crime division, bought a house in Little Havana, and rose through the ranks of the police force. The Ghost Sickness and his recent heightened condition caused medical leave and reassignment, much to Alvarez’s disappointment.

His heightened power manifest as toughness, self-healing, and immunity to various environmental hazards. Recently, Alvarez has become noticeably stronger.

Currently, after closing a number of high-profile cases, Alvarez has found himself promoted to Lead Detective in the HCIU, an accolade he shares with two of his other Echo Watch compatriots, Detectives Mercer and Lawrence, as well as a number of other standouts in the HCIU.

Enrique Alvarez

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