Captain Harold Suarez

Commander of the Miami HCIU


Suarez was a military man from late nineties and into the war in Iraq, working his way from a lowly recruit to First Lieutenant over a fourteen-year period in the US Army’s 4th Infantry Division. Eventually retiring from the US Army in 2008, he settled down in Miami and almost immediately joined the police force. His police career closely mirrored his military career, as he used his GI bill to put himself through college, and quickly climbed the ranks from patrol to investigations to command.

Suarez might not have as much time in investigations as some of the long-timers, but his ability is well respected nonetheless, mostly due to his tendency to delegate rather than micro-manage. During his short tenure as commander of the Gangs and Organized Crime Control Unit, he quickly earned a reputation as a commander who got the job done by letting his men do their job, helping or offering advice only when asked.

Captain Suarez is a lot of things. He’s a good cop, a solid commander, and one hell of a great golfer. One thing he is not, however, is forgiving. He expects results from the men he commands, and when those results don’t come the retribution is swift. He has a habit of drumming out under-performing officers to keep his case clearance numbers high, which in turn means more resources and a better selection of manpower for the unit he leads.

Currently, Suarez has just been put in place as HCIU Commander, and earned a promotion to Captain II for his trouble as well. The word around the station is that he isn’t entirely happy to be put in charge of the departments new unit, but as he has been trained to do his entire life, he’s throwing his back into the job and making the best of it.

Captain Harold Suarez

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