Anthony "Eden" Drake

"Ah. Good. Snake Puns. Haven't heard any of those before."


A thin man in his late twenties to very early thirties, Tony Drake is roguishly handsome and rarely appears in anything but well-tailored dress clothes – with a preference for dark suits, classy shoes and expensive watches… And Sunglasses. Always with sunglasses.

Drake is dark haired, has far more muscle than his slim physique would suggest, and demonstrates above average flexibility and sinuous grace when moving.

A Type-C Mutant, Drake has several radical differentiating factors evident in his phenotype. His eyes are the golden, sllitted pits of a Rattlesnake or similar species of viper. His skeletal structure has become increasingly cartilaginous rather than pure bone, and his muscle density has increased to three times that of a baseline human – and then there are the fangs.

Drake hates the use of his most horrifying mutation, but when employed, his incisors are revealed to be nothing less than two massive, retractable fangs that usually sit in mutated grooves within his skull. Drake’s mouth opens unnaturally wide as his jaw unhinges, allowing him to deliver a variably toxic bite to anyone unfortunate enough to deserve it – he has a remarkable degree of (albeit, largely subconscious) control over the potency of the venom emitted by his fangs, but tends to use the bite only as a last resort: firstly, due to its need to ‘recharge’ its venom sacs after use, and secondly because the use of the bite is so horriffic in appearance that it severely complicates Drake’s preferred mode of operation – that of the smooth, connected Vice cop.


Ambition. Guile. Determination. All are good words for Anthony Drake, the “Vice Viper”, the “Serpent of Sin”.

Born to an affluent New York family, Anthony was always popular and charismatic – and at first aspired to be a lawyer until his life plans became severely derailed by the emergence of his gene expression at the age of 22. Suddenly rather unnerving to friends, family, and potential contacts (as well as potentially lethally effected by his local climate), Drake was set adrift as he continued to work towards graduation. Ultimately leaving home for warmer climes and joining the police shortly after college, Drake’s ambition and creative problem solving saw him promoted to detective in just a little over three years, a meteoric rise precipitated by several remarkable vice busts and an extremely cool head under pressure. He then proceeded to spend the next few years gaining something of a standing reputation in Vice until he ended up shuffled into HCIU as both a mutant and one of the more ‘decorated’ (read: largely clean) Vice detectives young enough to not be able to resist the relocation.

Drake is slightly chagrined by the relocation into HCIU but has found that the new work environment has its perks- and substantially less overt Internal Affairs Department scrutiny than Vice. And, perhaps for once in his life, Drake feels almost normal when compared to his coworkers.

A Vice Cop in the very old school sense of the word, Drake makes it his business to keep tabs on a lot of the ‘rank and file’ of the street-level criminal element. He has also gained the “find something wrong” rep that most Vice detectives accrue in time, making him someone most semi-legitimate business owners know, and someone said business owners would rather appease and have disappear again than play bullshitting games with. Leveraging this not-always-ethical rep and his stellar people skills, Drake is very much a social and political predator. His arrest record is stellar, and he has a handful of seriously landmark cases under his belt despite comparative youth (most notably the “Eden Club” prostitution bust that earned him his nickname); and these elements make him thoroughly disliked in the department. Older cops see him as just another cocky would-be brass brat who’d rather play office politic and grab for glory than do honest police work, and his contemporaries and juniors all burn with envy at the speed at which he’s progressed. Usually, this dislike just manifests in the horde of snake-related jokes that fly around Drake in the department – after all, he remains a useful man to have around and will happily trade favors with other detectives – but there are a few back in Vice whose distaste for the “Golden Boy” boils over into outright contempt.

Drake is driven, but does try to foster a life outside of work when possible. He has maintained a five-year-long relationship with Katie McIntyre, a grad student pursuing her PhD in Herpetology at the Miami-based Burlesson Institute and College of the Science (and the irony is not lost on Drake.) In fact, the only black mark on his record comes from an altercation with another Vice detective who sparked the normally cool-blooded Drake’s temper with ill-spirited cracks about his lady’s “snake fetish.”

Anthony "Eden" Drake

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